Hello and welcome to


Divine Awakenings Academy of the Mystic Arts

I am Rachael Burns, Founder and Principal of the Academy.

The Academy was born of my desire to reach as many people as possible who are ready to expand, in order to provide a platform for teaching and support to learn and remember energetic tools, principles, laws, esoterics, metaphysics, and much, much more…to grow as a collective; to be able to provide a place of acceptance for us to be ourselves while opening to the wonders of the Universe, the Galaxy and beyond, to provide a place to shine.

As we shift and release and move into fifth dimensional energy I sought a place of comfort, safety and support for others in order to teach and explore. And so here it is. This is a one stop shop for all things energetic and spiritual; a place you can come and safely journey the innermost wonders of the Cosmos while expanding your understanding of and relationship to the world we live in that reaches far beyond the physical and the lineal understanding of our experiences. 

My hope for us all is that we do not give our inner Guru away…to any one and that we deeply and deliberately connect with our own divine magick.

We are our own Guru’s. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We have all the answers within.

My hope is that I can provide a safe and comfortable place for you filled with guidance, divine and sacred wisdom and support while you remember that too…your true power.

Big love to you!

About Me 

I am Rachael Burns, Principal of D.A.A.M.A Divine Awakenings Academy of the Mystic Arts and creator and Visionary of Mini Meditation Australia.

I am a Starseed, Psychic, Medium, Channeler, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Trauma Healer, Intergalactic Traveller, Dragon Master, Intuitive Artist and a Keeper of the Codes – sharing multidimensional Intergalactic Light Codes and Light Language Transmissions. I am an omniscient presence, clearly connected to Source and the Intergalactic Council. My Star Clan flow freely through me and I connect deeply with my divine, inner sacred wisdom and knowledge.

Why is my work so potent and life-changing?

I was born into a severely toxic and vibrationally dense environment, choosing as part of my lessons here to learn how to transmute profound trauma and low, dense frequencies.

As a very young child, I channelled the Language of Light and dropped spontaneously into a trance-like state. Seeing energy and vibrations, being aware of star beings and beings from different realms and light and dark energies was a part of every day life. For much of my life I felt like I didn’t fit into a normal human life and struggled to be part of this physical world.

My first conscious awakening was at 26, after the sudden death of my mother. It was at this time my energy centers opened further to receive information.

Encountering a great deal of childhood trauma, I blocked out many of these traumatic memories until I was 34, when I encountered a deep and spontaneous remembering.

Again at 38, more deeply buried memories of abuse surfaced. Pandora’s Box had been opened, and so began the re-claiming of my true self and the re-connection to my wisdom and ultimate inner knowing and truth; 

  • remembering we are all pure God consciousness in physical form, that
  • all of our experiences are chosen, and 
  • that the people who have volunteered to play the villains in our lives are actually our greatest teachers and greatest loves.

Carrying limiting beliefs and harmful, dense energies in the body led to great illness including Cervical Cancer, IBS, Diverticulitis, Endometriosis and a whole range of allergies. I have been consciously working with the powerful energies of acceptance, healing and forgiveness (both for self and others) to heal the physical body and return to a state of balance and harmony.

For the last 30 years I have worked with children in many different capacities, including working with children with additional needs (super abilities!), nannying, working in Childcare Centres, teaching children’s Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement and facilitating children’s groups. During the time owning my own childcare business, it occurred to me it could be a really good idea to combine my two greatest loves – spirituality and children. So… Mini Meditation Australia was born.

Facilitating meditation and developmental groups for adults, I also facilitate workshops on Parenting the Golden Age Child, and Opening to Light Language.

I now know my differences are my superpowers and I encourage and provide space for children who feel different to do the same.