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Divine Awakenings Academy of the Mystic Arts

I am Rachael Burns, Founder and Principal of D.A.A.M.A Divine Awakenings Academy of the Mystic Arts and creator and visionary of Mini Meditation Australia.

I am a starseed, international psychic, medium, channeler, interdimensional healer and energy worker, Reiki practitioner, holistic counsellor, teacher, spiritual guide, mentor, meditation teacher, intergalactic traveller, dragon master, intuitive artist and keeper of the codes – sharing multidimensional intergalactic light codes and light language transmissions.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Academy was born of my desire to reach as many people as possible; people who are ready to expand and evolve; to provide a platform for teaching and support to learn and remember energetic tools, principles, laws, esoterics, metaphysics, and much, much more; to grow as a collective; to be able to provide a place of acceptance for us to be ourselves while opening to the wonders of the Universe, the Galaxy and beyond; to find our tribe; to gather the Godesses and build the Light Army; to provide a place to shine as we remember, reconnect to and reclaim our truth.

As we shift and release and ascend into fifth dimensional energy and beyond, I sought a place of comfort, safety and support for others in order to teach and explore. And so here it is! This is a one stop shop for all things energetic and spiritual; a place you can come and safely journey the innermost wonders of the Cosmos while expanding your understanding of and relationship to yourself and the world we live in that reaches far beyond the physical and the lineal understanding of our experiences.

D.A.A.M.A provides teaching, mentoring, developmental classes and programs, activations, readings, workshops, healing, meditation classes, group and private 1-1 sessions.

Join me and find your tribe as we connect deeply with our innermost selves and reconnect with our all-knowing, most expansive beings.

My hope for us all is that we do not give our inner Guru away to any one and that we deeply and deliberately connect with our own divine magick.

It is my intention to provide a safe and comfortable place for you filled with guidance, support and divine and sacred wisdom while you

~ Your divine sovereignty and power

I’m so excited to meet you there.
Big love to you!